Access £1000 worth of course material for just £395!!

Access £1000 worth of course material for just £350!!

Sometimes we just need a little help to bounce forward through setback.

Are you ready to Bounce Forward?

I recognise that everyone is going through set back right now, but not everyone has access to a personal coach!

Bounce Forward was designed for those of us feeling isolated, exhausted, de-motivated, and anxious. A programme to give you tools and techniques to help you when you need it most and to last you a life time!

You can work through it alone or with your household. Time out for yourself or your family to Bounce Forward in a way that users have described as “Life changing”!


Let’s be honest… we are living through challenging times…

The Bounce Forward Programme has been created for adults and older children who may be:

  • Lacking motivation and confidence.
  • Feeling isolated or unsupported.
  • Going through life-changing events such as loss of role, financial and relationship issues.
  • Experiencing grief, loss and stress in the last year.
  • Coping with increased or significantly reduced workload.
  • Overwhelmed with home schooling and/or caring for dependants.
  • Young adults and older children whose personal and social development has been significantly impacted.

How the course helps you…

Be Proud of
How Far You Have Come!

If you don’t know how far you have come, how can you plan how you will move on? Session 1 looks at strengths awareness and improving perspective on our performance.

Have Faith in
How Far YOU can go!

Session 2 looks at goal planning and making BIG goals happen in a sensible way that won’t overwhelm you but will keep you on track.

The Voice

Sometimes the voice in our head tells us we are not good enough and our imposter speaks louder than imaginable. We look at silencing the voice within in session 3.

STOP our Stories!

Session 4 continues the theme of self-belief by looking at some Cognitive Behaviour Techniques to reduce those negative automatic thoughts we have about ourselves, our situation, or other people.

Mind How You
Bounce Back

In Session 5 we look at how we can remain grounded when anxiety is at its peak through mindfulness and resilience development.


Finally, in Session 6, we celebrate with the beautiful coaching model Charlie’s Star and discover how we can become the VICTOR over the victim!

“It’s OK to not be OK and I am on a mission to bring tools and techniques to the home so more people can use them time and time again.”

What others say …

Considering my strengths and how they are going to be useful to me really helps. Having goals that break down the challenge … smaller steps that you can focus on makes the challenge that little bit less scary!


British Heart Foundation

I started the course feeling low, finished feeling buzzing about myself. I had lost myself and now have found me. Working through the tools and how they can be used was incredible. The programme covered so much!

L Carnegie

Rebecca is the BEST coach EVER!

Dr S Evans


Wow, wow, wow! The Bounce Forward Programme is actually life changing! I went from dreading the year ahead to embracing it with renewed enthusiasm.

Private Client


Each session had something for me, I can’t pick which one I enjoyed the most!

S Perraton

Partner – Squires Patton Boggs

Why join the Bounce Forward Programme?


The cost of the course in the corporate setting is £1000 per person, but we have reduced this considerably for you. For just £395 incl. VAT you will receive:

6 x 25-30 minute video content for you to use at your leisure, in your own space with pauses for your own reflection.

Worksheets including the exclusive to GuruYou™ Positive Attitude Log© and Charlie’s Star© to download for use time and time again.

Breakouts to discuss your reflections or simply take time out for you.

Access to personal stories and the motivational Dragonfly story!

No need to share your experiences in an awkward group setting if that’s not your preference.

Rate and celebrate your progress at the end of the programme.

About the course host – Rebecca


Rebecca Mander is the founder of the successful coaching company GuruYou™. Rebecca specialises in supporting senior leaders in the legal sector through personal setback as well as her leadership programmes. In 2007, Rebecca was a leader herself when she lost her son, Charlie just before losing her Mum and also having to see the organisation through the 2008 financial crisis…so she knows what it’s like to be a busy mum and how hard it is to look the part when internally you are falling apart.

2020 was a challenging year and Rebecca recognises that not everyone has access to a personal coach despite the growing need to have one through the greatest setback of our times. The Bounce Forward Programme was launched in response to the growing demand. Bounce Forward is delivered live in organisations throughout the UK to support leaders through personal setback or to power up their careers. In late 2020, Rebecca worked with her team to record the material she shares with her clients on an online platform so that you too can have your own personal coach!